game nightmares kids


by Roman Krajewski

A knockout nightmares speed game!

A game where kids must crush the bads ones in plasticine… without damaging the good ones!

KAPUT is a game based on the anxiety that children may feel towards nightmares. Nightmares are typically immaterial. The game aims at materialising them, to provide children with a tool that helps them overcoming their fears. The first half of the game is a creative one: with the help of plasticine, children build objects that make their nightmares real.

During the second half, they squash the highest possible number of nightmares in order to win.

18,75 €

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Product Details

Designer Roman Krajewski


Origin Fabrication Française, Made in France
Recommended age From 4 to 12 years old
Weight & Size 400 grammes, 25cm x 18cm
Plasticine Beeswax plasticine with food colouring . Ne sèche pas. 4 pieces : green, yellow, blue and pink. Made in Germany.
Wooden fences x1 wooden board. Silk screen with water based inks.
Cards x24 cards printed on FSC paper from protected forest, vegetables inks IMPRIM'VERT label
Rule Available in French, English, Spanish, Italiano, Polish, Portugese, Hungarian, German, Dutsch.
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