backgammon game kids


by Roman Krajewski

The backgammon revisited as a very bad game!

A race between Hares and Tortoises where « hitting » is allowed to win the game, this is BAD’GAMMON!

The famous game revisited as a race between a cheeky Hare and a dauntless Tortoise. A game where every blows of dices are allowed. Throw your dices with a prudent wisdom hastens slowly to win the game. When it is legal to hit the opposing player during a race between two independent minds, this is BAD’GAMMON.

To win a race, the swiftness of a dart / Availeth not without a timely start!

19,17 €

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Product Details

Designer Roman Krajewski


Origin Fabrication Française, Made in France
Recommended age From 4 to 99 years old
Wooden pawns Total of x30. 2 colors.
Rule x1 French, English and German
Dice(s) x2 wooden dices from protected forest. Handmade.
Board game Size : 41x30cm (recycled cardboard)
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