wooden checkers game travel made in france


by Roman Krajewski

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen into the new checkers game!

Everybody has his spot : Seaman or Dandy? Strongman or Clever dude? Geek or Bimbo?MESDAMES & MESSIEURS is a checker game like you have never seen before! Each piece is a unique character: Seaman or Dandy? Strongman or Clever Dude? Geek or Bimbo? Each of them has a spot within this game, the ultimate goal being to capture the opponent characters and have the last one alive. The game starts with a creative time where the kids stick themselves the wooden pieces in order to personalize each pawn and appropriate the game.

19,17 €

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Product Details

Designer Roman Krajewski


Origin Fabrication Française, Made in France
Recommended age From 5 to 99 years old
Weight & Size 250 grammes - L33cm x l30cm
Wooden pawns x24 - diamètre 30mm - hauteur 10mm - bois français du Jura issu de sources gérées durablement
Bag(s) x1 pochon en coton biologique certifié GOTS, Sérigraphie encres à l'eau, Azo free
Stickers x24, encres végétales, non toxique, label IMPRIM'VERT
Rule 1 booklet with french, english and german rules
Download rules