Mistigri Animals game of pairs

Mistigri Animals

by Manu Callejon

A game to get rid of the cat!

MISTIGRI ANIMALS is a game of chance assembling pairs. In order to win, the players will need to get rid of their cards by assembling them by pairs. The last one, who stays with the Mistigri in his/her hands, loses the game.

3 mistigris cards are provided, for a three-time longer game lifetime.

9,58 €

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Product Details

Designer Manu Callejon


Origin Fabrication Française, Made in France
Recommended age From 3 to 12 years old
Weight & Size 100 grammes, L13cm x 10 cm
Bag(s) x1 organic cotton bag, GOTS and Azo free certified. Silk screen with water based.
Cards x43 cards printed on FSC paper from protected forest, vegetables inks IMPRIM'VERT label
Rule Available in French, English, Spanish, Italiano, Polish, Portugese, Hungarian, German, Dutsch.
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