by Bruno Liance

The card game for appetising kids!

A funny game learning how to make and complete well-balanced seasonal meals, but watch out for the SuperMenu!

SUPERMENU is a game based on nutrition, with a simple message : it is OK to eat everything, but in a balanced way. The objective is to be the first one to create a full menu : starter, main course, side dish, desert, glass of water.

“Special” cards will spice the game up all along: SuperMenu, Berk, Whipped Cream, Disease, Birthday, …

9,58 €

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Product Details

Designer Bruno Liance


Origin Fabrication Française, Made in France
Recommended age From 4 to 99 years old
Weight & Size 100 grammes, L13cm x 10 cm
Bag(s) x1 organic cotton bag, GOTS and Azo free certified. Silk screen with water based.
Cards x49 cards printed on FSC paper from protected forest, vegetables inks IMPRIM'VERT label
Rule Available in French, English, Spanish, Italiano, Polish, Portugese, Hungarian, German, Dutsch.
Download rules Download (154.01k)