Théâtre d'ombres. Contes sur les Animaux

Chinese shadows theatre . Tales of Animals

by Coco D'en Haut

Shadows stories, a fascinating and original way to tell and share stories. Two stories are included: The tail of the peacock and The lion and the Carpenter.

The stories:
• The lion and the carpenter, Based on a tale from the Middle East. It was a long time ago, when animals and humans did not know each other. The lion and a lot of animals meet and learn to know each other... They are all searching for the humans to eat them and make them disappear... But who eats who?
• The tail of the peacock, Based on a traditional chinese tale. In a forest, a magical individual wants to help animals to be more beautiful... The horse, the monkey, the peacock, the elephant and the rabbit look at each other. But who is beautiful? Who is not ? Who decides ?

Chinese shadows theatre in rigid cardboard, made in France. Easy to assemble for an immediate use and easy to disassemble to take it everywhere.
The entire thing can be put in a small suitcase. An ingenious manipulation system enables the children to make their own cut-outs, invent their shadows and manipulate them.

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Product Details

Designer Coco D'en Haut


Cards 4 feuilles noires. 15 silhouettes dont 3 éléments de décors, pour raconter les histoires du livre.
Rule 1 livre avec 2 histoires et des propositions de mise en scène.
Type of wood 3 tiges de manipulation avec un manche.
Content 1 Projecteur Ombres à monter soi-même. 3 piles AAA NON FOURNIES.
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